Charlene Day’s Going For The Flow program is an amazing, life-changing process. It’s like giving yourself a birthday present each day for 30 days.

Perhaps the biggest gift came on Day 9: The Law of Oneness. The strategy was to tap into universal intelligence, letting the universe know what you want and allowing it to handle your request. I put my request out and the following evening was offered a full-paid scholarship to a workshop I really wanted to attend. That workshop, along with the Going For The Flow program, has transformed my life immeasurably – and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Kathy McGeeKathy McGee

It was very refreshing and incredible to have all the Spiritual Laws in one easy place.

They were written in a way that was both inspiring and simple to understand. They were explained beautifully.

The Going For The Flow program allowed me to unwind.  I was very surprised to have my blood pressure taken and to find out it was normal after many years being high. Also I find I am sleeping much better, and this is helping me be more productive.

Thank you so much.

Dee Ray

Charlene, in the Going For The Flow program you have captured the essence of what we need to do on a daily basis to nourish and support our wellbeing on all levels. Thank you for developing such a clever process that would be good for anyone. I like that I can repeat the 30 days continuously… the gift that keeps on giving!  I am going to share this with my clients and anyone who wants live a more fulfilled existence.

Eta Brand

You have truly compiled a great breadth and depth of wisdom and woven into a program to touch body, mind and spirit. Throughout the 30 processes, I felt subtle but powerful shifts in my attention and awareness and a redirection of my thoughts toward ideas and actions that will support and sustain me. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this Going For The Flow program!

Michele Meehan

Charlene Day’s program Going For The Flow was instrumental in shifting high levels of anxiety I was experiencing. Within the first few days, old beliefs and self-defeating patterns became clear. I could see how I was swimming against the current and creating suffering within my life. As the days went on, the laws and their applications became more and more practical in how to not only move beyond the anxiety, but, how to create a life of joy, abundance and ease. I look forward to working through the program again and keeping some of the habits created.

Carrie Johnsen

Wow! I have never been good at looking after myself and this Going For The Flow program gave me a structure to follow and to implement to establish new habits. I now enjoy meditating daily, exercising regularly and have a functional understanding of the universal laws of flow which assist me in creating more dynamically than ever before. Thank you. I am seeing results!

Joy Goch

This Going For The Flow program was more concrete than some other books I’ve read like Napoleon Hill’s. Practical tools to use every day. The Law of Sacrifice was a real AHA moment for me. I am now exercising and feeling much better in my body. This is a new habit for me.
All these mindful applications have given results. I feel that I am now much more “here and now”. When I get stressed I can go back to these applications and in just a few moments I feel how the stress is releasing and I get relaxed and more productive.
I am going to continue from the beginning again. Thank you.


Roger Ostmans

What I liked about the program Going For The Flow is that it gave me a daily reminder to be mindful and really recapped for me how much I already knew. The variations on exercise also helped changing things up and it felt good and kept things fresh. Thank you.

Tess Concannon

The “Getting Into The Flow” Program has increased my Joyful Living Experience.   The simple, concrete daily practices along with the information about 30 Universal Laws has helped me Be more conscious and more aware every moment.   With this increasing consciousness in my living,, I have become more appreciative and grateful!   With this increasing transformation within me, Life is Blessing me in Greater Abundance and my Heart has expanded exponentially.  

Shirley Walsh

The Going For The Flow is truly a full and rich program of self-discovery and self-mastery, while at the same time enriching your understanding of the inner workings of the universe.

True success starts when your heart aligns with spiritual principles – use this book for one month or for a lifetime…the possibilities are infinite.


Shawn Gallagher

Charlene’s Going For The Flow Plan for The 30 Laws of Flow is an exceptional tool in order to develop the habit of being consistently aware of them and how they work in your life.  Her book is not only a definitive resource that explains the Universal Laws it also provides an understanding as to their synergy. 

The daily applications highlight the power of “thought energy” and how to best utilize that energy to create entrepreneurial results that “flow.” If you “think it” and “feel it” you can “create it.”

Denise Clements

Thank you for the opportunity to get grounded and take on the daily principles. What became clear to me is that I am the answer. I only need to get quiet enough to hear myself. Knowing there was a structure with purpose allowed me to plan my work into the new year.

I experienced 10 new fantastic results in my personal and professional life thanks to this program.

Wow!  This program Going For The Flow gave me Momentum and it is still paying me forward!

Jacques BergeJacques Berge

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Going For The Flow program: The program was well thought out – very thought provoking but not overwhelming. The course material was very clear and set out in a manner that makes future referral very easy. I highly recommend this program.

Michelle Cove

The 30-day program was very useful for me especially upon the realization I was still holding on to a lot of past pain.  Letting go is actually quite difficult and the lessons learned through this program was that I was still letting my past affect my current situation thus still crippling any future abundance I was working so hard to attract. In essence going through a 30-program such as this allowed me to free myself of old habits and beliefs and I have gained a new perspective on my life. Thank you.

Monika Colaizzi